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Welded pipe unit investment market information source limitations

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Welded pipe unit investment market information source limitations

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Relative to the investment in welded pipe units, it is especially important to grasp the information of market changes. However, in the current welded pipe unit market, many information on the investment in welding pipe units has been limited, and there is no relevant channel to provide information to dealers, especially with the current Buying and selling relevant industry information materials, because the daily business has to run on its own, the time spent reading newspapers is small, and there is even less information available through the Internet.
Lack of effective industry information on the new direction of market trend changes, can only rely on their own experience in the history of welded pipe units to make judgments, which will lead to directional errors.
Welded pipe rolling machine is the most popular pipe processing machine currently used. It is famous for its high processing efficiency and good quality of welded pipe.
The life of the rolls is mainly determined by the intrinsic properties and working stress of the rolls, and the intrinsic properties include strength and hardness.
In order to make the roll have sufficient strength, it is mainly considered from the aspect of roll material; the hardness usually refers to the hardness of the working surface of the roll, which determines the wear resistance of the roll, and determines the service life of the roll to a certain extent, through reasonable material selection. And the heat treatment method can meet the hardness requirements of the rolls.